Repair Description

Water damaged P10's are stripped and run through a cleaning process. Once a device has been cleaned, the main board is re-flowed. This will fix any damaged connections on the main board. This costs £29.99 but only £19.99 if it is unsuccessful.

Repairs to liquid damaged devices are not always successful. If any parts need replacing, the cost of those parts would be in addition to the £29.99 charge.

Parts the most often need replacing in water damaged devices, though not always, are the battery and the lcd. The engineer would need to clean the handset before being able to give a more accurate quote if parts were needed.

Our success rate is about 7 in 10. Out of those, 4 will need parts and so we would re-quote you at that point, so this is the most likely scenario. If you are one of the lucky 3 then, we would be in touch once your repair is complete and this is only £29.99. If you were not quite so lucky and it needed parts, the re-quote would depend on the part needed but sometimes it's a speaker or a microphone and these parts can cost as little as £10 fitted. You always have the opportunity to decline a re quote and in this case the basic liquid damage repair charge of £19.99 would be payable OR we will give you the option to leave your handset with us in this case and pay NOTHING!