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We will give time estimation for your repair but cannot guarantee that your device will be repaired in this time. (Whilst we try and repair your device in the shortest time possible, sometimes delays are inevitable and often due to the supply of parts).


We will quote your repair based on the information you give us on the problem with your device and our experience. This is just a quote. (Sometimes the engineer’s diagnosis can show a different fault or a further fault). You will be contacted if the repair exceeds your quote or given limit.

Minimum Charge

Our minimum charge for a successful repair is £25.

If work is carried out, but the device is beyond economical repair (B.E.R) or you chose not to proceed after engineer diagnosis, a charge of up to £20 will apply for mobile devices that have had liquid treatment or £10 for all other devices.

If a device is B.E.R, it can sometimes be returned with further fault to the point that it may not even power up. This occasional occurrence is usually only with liquid damaged devices.

Repair Quality

Whilst our repair service is carried out to our best possible standard, on some occasions, the condition of a device cannot be returned to its’ factory state. If your device is described as waterproof, the effectiveness of this functionality is likely to be affected.

Buzz Box takes no liability for faults or imperfections recognised during or caused by the repair of your device other than those outlined and repaired by Buzz box.

We carry out tests on every device after it has been repaired to check quality and basic functions.


We give a 3 month warranty with all our repairs, which will cover parts supplied by Buzz Box and the repair work carried out by Buzz Box. Please note that this does not cover cracked screens as they are impact caused and so classed as customer damage voiding warranty.

Occasionally, a problem only becomes apparent after you’ve used your device for a couple of days. In this instance, we will take your handset in for further diagnosis and repair. Please note that whilst we test your handset after repair, we can’t test the phone for the length of time that you can and so don’t check every function. Please inform us of any passwords linked to your device. If we can't test a device after repair due to password prevention, this may void your warranty.


If your device has not been collected within 3 months of Buzz Box attempting to inform you that it is ready to collect, Buzz Box reserves the right to use/sell parts of your device to cover costs.

Our repair service will NOT enable a black listed/barred handset (usually reported lost or stolen) to work. Services would still be chargeable in this case.

Please remove your sim card, memory card and accessories before leaving your device with us; Buzz Box takes no liability for these nor any saved data and settings. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any queries.

For our extended terms and conditions please click here.