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3 Month Warranty on all Repairs

LG LG-E400 Repairs

Please select what Repair your need for your LG LG-E400 Please note all LG LG-E400 repairs come with a 3 Month Warranty.
We are able to carry out a wide range of LG LG-E400 repairs such as liquid damage/water damage, replacement LCD, charging ports, cracked screen and many more.
If you are unsure of what's wrong with your LG LG-E400 please provide as much information as possible so that we can provide a accurate assessment of what's required to fix your mobile.

LG LG-E400 Water Damage Repair

Liquid damaged devices are stripped and run through a cleaning process. Once a device has been cleaned, the main board is re-flowed. This will fix any damaged connections on the main board. This only costs £29.99 if successful, and £19.99 if unsuccessful. Repairs to liquid damaged devices are not always successful. If any parts of the device need replacing, we may need to re quote, without obligation.
3 Month Warranty on all repairs LG LG-E400 Water damage repair

LG LG-E400 Diagnose and Quote Repair

Our Engineers will Diagnose and Quote.
3 Month Warranty on all repairs More Information >

LG LG-E400 Miscellaneous Repair

This repair is for when you are not sure what is needed. You can give us a description and we'll quote you for the most likely repair. If it turns out to be something else, we would re-quote you. You would have the option to decline the quote in the case of re-quote.
3 Month Warranty on all repairs More Information >

LG LG-E400

LG LG-E400 Repairs
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