Snow Damaged Phone Rescue Advice

Lets talk about snow baby

Everyone talks about liquid damage but why do we see more liquid damaged phones when it snows? And why do we see phones in worse states when they've been exposed to snow than when they've been dropped down the loo?

The first question is an easy one. It's the vertical challenge. if you haven't taken a fall in the recent snow, you may have had a close call and either way if you were using your mobile phone at the time it may have ended up keypad deep. Also, I have witnessed people using their phone outside whilst it was snowing. I wonder if they would have taken that call if it was raining. The white stuff is light and pretty is not as threatening to our mobile phones as rain...until it melts. You can be unlucky and the minutest quantity of liquid can seep through the seems and then it gets to work on the inside, corroding the internal components.

The second question is not so confidently answered but we think we see phones in worse states for two reasons; the first being the likely double wammy of impact and liquid damage. If the impact itself doesn't cause damage it could ensure that the mobile gets a thorough exposure to liquid. The second theory is that there's a lot of grit about the roads and pavements to help melt the snow. Grit has an extremely high salt content, which is great for melting snow but it is highly corrosive, accelerating the progressive damage that liquid causes to mobile phones.

Our best advice with snow damaged mobile phones is to take it apart as much as is easily possible (don't force anything), clean it as well as you can use a lint free cloth. Bring it to Buzz Box at your earliest opportunity where we have experienced engineers and the right tools to give your phone the best survival chance possible.

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